tony boloney's comes to you

We'd love to cater your next event. Tell us a little bit about it: party size and what food you're looking for, and we'll make it happen.  You can either submit your request online or call one of our stores to place the order.

FALL '16-WINTER '17 Pricing

Box-O-Sub: Choose any 10 subs off our menu, cut in 40 pieces. $100

Box-O-Wrap: Choose any 20 wraps off our menu, cut in 40 pieces. $200

Box-O-Wing: Choose 5 flavors of wings off our menu. 50 wings per box w/ blue cheese & celery on the side. $65

Box-O-Salad: Choose any salad off our menu.  Dressing on the side. $50

Stack-O-Pie: Choose any 5 speciality pies off our menu. $100.  For 5 classic cheese pies $50.  5 one topping $60.

Box-O-Knots: Choose any flavor knots (Garlic, Mexican, Vietnamese, Buffalo, Roni). W/ dipping sauce. $50